Turkish construction sector is rebuilding the world

Turkish construction companies, with projects developed in different geographies of the world is mentioned.

The sector has become the focus of attention of foreign investors.

 Turkey offers great opportunities for bringing together real estate developers and investors with a strong construction sector, the growing trade and industrial production. It is estimated that around 6.7 million houses will be destroyed and rebuilt in the next 20 years. The government, which aims to transform 300,000 risky houses annually, has also drawn a new road map of urban transformation.

In addition to İstanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Yalova do not leave their places in the top positions. The foreign buyer invests in cities with high tourism potential. The income from the sale of housing to foreigners increased rapidly after the Reciprocity Law, which entered into force in 2013. In particular benefit from the exchange rate began increasing in 2018 foreigners, on the edge of real estate investments in Turkey will be held for citizenship from $ 250 thousand to $ 1 million by reducing the principal showed the rise.