Turkey real estate market report!

In Turkey, mainly in Istanbul investigating the real estate market, as of 2019 6 to regularly publish monthly periods' restate Turkey-Close Look to Comparable Markets' report for the first time, real estate exhibition to be held in Cannes, France town of Much-ITO ' will be shared with foreign investors.

GYODER President Feyzullah Yetgin, "the report we prepared, and this is seen in the area of ​​foreign investors need accurate information on investment opportunities in Turkey with the aim to inform comprehensive data," he declared.

We have a duty to inform foreign investors
to have their investment opportunities in Turkey and accurate information in this area in need of foreign investors GYODER that they have the duty to inform the Head of the comprehensive data. Dr. Feyzullah Yetgin, "Turkey-Close Look to restate Comparable Markets' report, Turkey was a very valuable work in the promotion to foreign investors. real estate continues to be seen as one of the safest investment vehicles in Turkey. The expansion of capital along with the new regulations that broaden the financing of the sector in our country makes real estate investments more attractive. Today foreign investors in Turkey is the right time to make real estate investments, we express GYODER on each platform, "he declared.

 Promising investment opportunities
Istanbul, especially as a brand city attracted the attention of investors from all over the world indicating that Assoc. Dr. Feyzullah Yetgin, said: “Giant projects built to make Istanbul a financial center are also increasing this interest. As the President of GYODER, the roof organization of the real estate sector, I would like to say to foreign investors in particular; Turkey's real estate sector, the momentum captured with projects worldwide will continue to increase in the coming period. Considering the demographic structure and economic developments in our country, the real estate sector has more potential compared to the world. We invite foreign investors to invest in real estate in our country, especially for promising opportunities. Yabancı

'Why should invest in Turkey?'
Turkey where the real estate market research 'restate Turkey-Close Look to Comparable Markets' report, through investment returns that have occurred in recent years in different sub-segments of the real estate sector, with other major cities of Istanbul market include a comparative analysis. 'Why should invest in Turkey? "In the section entitled, Turkey is the world's 18th largest economy and noted that it expected to be in the top 15 economies by 2050. We also have the potential to grow into Turkey from Istanbul's financial district, 400 points on direct flights to the capital in 2 hours and 22 stressed that direct access is provided.

In the report, and its surroundings, as well as detailed market research about the industrial and logistics market, 'Silk Road Project, Turkey ranks the effects on the logistics market. In recent years, the large increase in shopping on the internet, e-commerce storage areas are being emphasized to cause more need. The section on office and retail sectors includes returns on rates for traditional shopping malls and office markets, rent levels, consumer confidence indices and market trends.

The Istanbul Finance Center project in Kozyatagi / Atasehir is expected to transform this region into an attraction center of Istanbul, and the report is expected to be more prominent as the prestigious office district and the rents will increase with the increase in demand. The report also Istanbul hotel market occupancy rates, average room rates are per night, per room's information capita income and the overall housing market statistics for Turkey. The report also, of assets due to fluctuations in foreign currency with the recovery experienced in the increased availability of cheaper and rate of return, Turkey as an indication of the direction that began to form favorable conditions for investors planning to enter the market interpreted.