This city will change with the gebze-halkalı marmaray metro line

The Gebze-Halkalı Marmaray line, which is 76 kilometers long, will provide great relief for Istanbul transportation and will change the destiny of a district. New Şafak newspaper Kenan Biter'ing news, the opening of the Gebze district of Kocaeli with the opening of a number of districts in Istanbul is now expressed in minutes. Housing prices in the region are very attractive for those who complain about the prices in Istanbul. Prices of rental apartments in the district start from 650 liras, and on the side of the house, 150 thousand liras can be found easily.

The 76-kilometer-long line reduced the journey time between these districts by 1 hour and 10 minutes to 115 minutes.

The line, which has been looking forward to its opening for a long time, has attracted great interest since the first day. Trains provide service in Söğütlüçeşme-Zeytinburnu line with an interval of 15 minutes in Gebze-Halkalı Line.

Thanks to this new line that cuts the transportation from one end of Istanbul to another end for almost an hour with a single means, especially the star of a district will shine more than other districts.

Gebze, which is the neighboring district of Kocaeli, is the district that will take the biggest return of the line. Because the line will be much easier to reach Istanbul with the line, both for rent and on the sale side of the citizens looking for an affordable home is expected to be the reason for preference.


The average rent for an apartment of 100 square meters is around 800 TL. On the sale side, the average square meter price is two thousand TL. For an apartment of 100 square meters, it is possible to find many apartments ranging from 150 thousand TL to 280 thousand TL in different locations and features.

Prices are high in HALKALI

The price is almost twice as high as Gebze in Halkali, which is the last stop of the line on the European side of Küçükçekmece. In the region where the average price of housing for sale is 420,000 TL, while the rental rates are 1500 to 2500 lira

When the 9 regions in which Gebze-Halkalı Marmaray line is viewed, the highest square meter unit price rates for both sale and rent are in Bakırköy. The average of 9.000 TL per square meter in Bakirkoy is on sale in Kadikoy with 7.000 TL, followed by Üsküdar with 4.000 TL 700 TL. On the rental side, the price of square meters in these districts exceeds 25 liras.