The foundation of the TOKI Esenler project is being taken tomorrow!

The foundation of the houses, which will be built by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, will be laid on the date of the resumption of the risky buildings, which will be resolved by Esenler.

Turkey's big transformation for quality and qualified life begins in Esenler Istanbul. The "Smart and Safe City" concept will be constructed in the region, which is transferred to the Municipality of Esenler and declared as "Reserve Area", and the houses will be built with the concept of "Smart and Safe City". According to the news in the Municipality of Esenler, 16 thousand 500 families who remain in the closed areas of development and the problem, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization coordinated by the Ministry of Housing will be solved by TOKI.


Metris Barracks South Project Area Urban Transformation and Development Project, which will be held in the first phase of the first phase of 531 houses, the groundbreaking ceremony of tomorrow, at 14.00, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization and the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank Esenler Municipality with the participation of Urban It will be held at the Transformation Center (against July 15th National Playground). Construction of the residences that will be constructed in phase stage will be continued.