The first call to prayer was read in Camlica Mosque!

The first call to prayer has been done to the Çamlıca Mosque in this morning, which was built on the highest hill of Istanbul. Many citizens came to the mosque to make the first morning prayer.
The mosque, which was built on the highest hill of Istanbul in 6 years, was opened to service. AK Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Binali Yildirim also attended the morning prayer attended by a large number of citizens.
Founded on August 6, 2013, Çamlıca Mosque was built on a total area of 15 thousand square meters including 10 thousand closed and 5 thousand courtyard.
- The dome of the mosque is 72 meters high and 35 meters in diameter.
- 4 of them are 107.1 meters and 2 of them are 90 meters long and have 6 minarets.
- A 3-kilometer tunnel was also constructed for transportation to the mosque.
- Around the mosque decorated with pools and waterfalls, there will be seating areas and children's play areas.
- There are 18 walking merpen and 28 elevators in the mosque.
- The 17 thousand square meter area of the mosque was covered with a specially designed carpet.
- There is a giant 3-storey giant chandelier under the giant dome. The mosque also has 4 chandeliers with a diameter of 10 meters.