Securing housing sales to foreigners!

The appraisal report service prepared by licensed valuation companies for foreigners who want to become a citizen is among the documents required to be prepared in all foreign purchases with the latest regulations.

Turkey is expected to create a more secure environment in foreign purchases. foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship of 250 thousand dollars worth of immovable property is considered sufficient.

A minimum purchase price of $ 1 million was reduced to $ 250,000 in the new regulation. Real estate valuation companies will prepare a report on the purchase and sale. The valuation report of the real estate on the land value of more than 250 thousand dollars is approved by the valuation reports prepared by the Real Estate Appraisal Companies listed in the Capital Market Board (CMB) Real Estate Appraisal Companies and BRSA list.

In addition, with the Circular no. 2019/1 dated 15.02.2019 published by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM), all sales transactions, in which foreign nationals are both parties and sellers, are obliged to issue a valuation report showing the market value of the real estate. New regulations are expected to increase the accuracy and reliability of real estate acquisition for foreigners. in the purchase and sale valuation prepared by licensed firms by foreign investors in the appraisal report before Turkey's brand value is intended to make it more secure.