Yakuplu region, which is a sub-district of Beylikdüzü, one of the developing and most appreciated districts of Istanbul, has begun to attract investors' attention in the recent period. Being free from squatting, Yakuplu is reaching the position of an attractive area for investment projects day by day with its clean air, calmness, nature and abundance of green areas.

Yakuplu, which is only 2 km away from the Beylikdüzü District Center and known for its close proximity to the TEM and E-5 highways, offers a life away from the traffic and complexity of İstanbul by presenting a remote coastal town aura away from urban sprawl thanks to the advantage of being a new residential area.

Having become an unmatched alternative region for those who want to have a seascape and live a life in touch with nature, Yakuplu opens the gates of a life full of fun and pleasure in addition to peace by being close to famous shopping and entertainment centers and restaurants, and hosting the new and vibrant Marina of Istanbul nearby it.

Due to marking up its prices in the recent period as a result of its proximity to the Metrobus line, earning decent profits to those who made investment in the region 5 years ago, and becoming the location that make a splash in the recent period, have attracted the eyes of new investors to the transportation project targets in the region.

Because the IDO navigation project for sea line transportation will be started for service in the Yakuplu coast soon, it is expected that the price boost in the region will double in the next 2 years.

While sqm unit prices for 5 years ago ranged between 1,500 and 2,000 TL, the average sqm unit prices vary between 4,000 and 6,000 TL. according to current data.

Investors who already know that the planned subway project will get into service by the end of 2 years, guarantee that the region will make much more premium.

The 3rd Matbaacılar site, which is currently under construction, is among the advantages that will enhance the value of Yakuplu.

Having become more lively than the Florya, Yeşilköy and Ataköy Marinas which are pointed as precedents to it, Yakuplu Marina has also become the entertainment and resting venue for a large population from Central İstanbul as the most popular and favorite new Marina of the City.

There will be hiking areas, parks, cafe restaurants, sports areas in the still ongoing "Yaşam Vadisi" (Life Valley) project, one of the biggest green area projects of Istanbul presenting 1 million m2 green areas which are currently under construction.  The fact that the Life Valley project will reach out to Yakuplu Marina starting from Beylikdüzü District Center, will both mark up the region's price-based value by doubling and make Yakuplu one of the most livable regions of Istanbul.