5 things to pay attention when buying a house!

1. Investigate the House or Person

Be sure to research the person you are buying the house. In addition, to determine whether they are really the owner or legally authorized to sell the real estate that they are committed to sell.


2. Make a Research in the title deed office

There may be mortgages or other foreclosures on the house. Or there may be dozens of commentaries to limit your savings, such as the urban transformation reserve area. In particular, if you are going to trade with the promise of sales promises, even if the notary public, examine the deed. Otherwise, if you want to annotate the previous foreclosures and mortgages will remain in front of you.


3. Request for Real Estate Valuation of CMB

Make a real estate appraisal report or ask the buyer from CMB licensed companies before buying the house. The cost of this report is not over 1000-TL, but the information it gives you is invaluable. This report contains information such as whether there is a foreclosure on the deed of the house, whether there is a problem due to any illegal construction in the municipality zoning plan and the license project, the prices of the peer flats. In particular, you can see the net-gross square meter area, whether you are living in a residential or commercial area in the zoning plan and many important points in this report.


4. Do attention to they have condominium or not

The condominium for some houses may not have been deed yet. Pay attention to sales with floor easement or land deed. Because, you can be the addressee of the cases such as the elimination of the partnership in the landed areas or the prejudice. In addition, the reason for not building the condominium may be due to illegal construction. In any case, you may have to pay a lot of expenses to obtain a building permit (housing permit) and the creation of condominium. As a result, stay away from the title deeds except condominium!


5. Review the Management Plan

The management plan is the constitution of your property. Common areas and various uses are written in this plan. With the management plan, you may experience restrictions in common areas. No one can restrict the management plan with the right to property, but many limitations can bring about the consequences that you do not want to use the house. Therefore, you should look at the management plan for the house before buying a house.


You can get your home safely with the followings of 5 items above. In addition to the above; It is your advantage to arrange a sales protocol when buying your home. Because, who will pay the expenses in the title deed, whether or not to pay a penalty in case of the loss of one of the parties, real estate tax, environmental cleaning tax, water, electricity, natural gas, apartment dues, telephone, cable TV, which will be settled by the protocol, can be agreed with this protocol. . Buying a home is one of your most important investments in life. For this reason, in this process, you will be able to protect yourself from potential risks by taking advantage of SPK licensed real estate appraisal and real estate law.