3 thousand real estate will be sold to foreigners in 2 days!

Junior Fairs Chairman Haktan Öztunalı stated that they invited 2 thousand 300 individual investors to the 13th Real Estate Fair to be held in Istanbul on March 23-24, and said, da Last year we had sold 700 thousand 800 real estate in our fair. we expect real estate sales, but our goal is to sell 5 thousand units. " found in the description.
Junior Fairs will be held at the Hilton Convention Center in order to promote the fair held at a meeting organized by Junior Fairs Chairman Öztunalı, 2 within the scope of the fair, a significant amount of real estate sales were announced.
Nearly 400 projects from 62 companies will take place at the fair, Öztunalı stated that they plan to bring together buyers, sellers and investors in 400 projects.
On the first day of the fair, Öztunalı said that the Turkish-Arab Real Estate Summit will be implemented, and explained that the details of the regulation on granting citizenship rights in the purchase of real estate for 250 thousand dollars will be shared at the summit.
Öztunalı recorded that they aim to contribute to the economy with sales to be made in the organization, "The reduction of the lower limit on citizenship to 250 thousand dollars has increased the interest of the real estate of foreigners. Especially in 18 Gulf countries as well as Pakistan, India, the Netherlands and the UK have made serious publicity efforts. We have seen interest. " in the form of.
Öztunalı said that they expect buyers from more than 20 countries, including 18 Gulf countries, and that there are serious demands from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq as well as countries like Qatar, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Morocco and Tunisia. he said.
"The projects will take place in many parts of Turkey"
Haktan Öztunalı stated that the future of individual investors with investment potential of 700-800 million dollars will be presented to the fair.
"We have invited 2 thousand 300 individual investors here in the last year, we sold 700 thousand thousand real estate in our fair last year, we expect to sell 3 thousand houses this year but our target is to sell 5 thousand houses. Our fair, including the Black Sea, where the Gulf countries have shown serious interest in recent years the projects will take place in Turkey, including many parts. the lower limit is 250 thousand dollars a provisional decree and implementation of foreign'll tell them that you need to get housing quickly in this process. "
Öztunalı said that the number of visitors in the fair would exceed 7 thousand and said that they are expecting the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum to attend the fair. Öztunalı, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre by the Arabs who invest in housing and investment will be told about the rights, in the fair, the Turkish projects in the Gulf countries will take place in 14 agencies will be noted.
Öztunalı, "We are bringing $ 21.5 billion investors. They said they came to us to make an investment agreement between 2 and 5 billion dollars. In addition, a minimum of $ 250 million in individual real estate sales are targeted." he said.
"Arab capital in Europe is beginning to come"
Arab & Turkish Businessmen and Investors Association President Ismail Altin, with the ease of citizenship rights, the Turkish real estate market, the peak of foreign interest in the last year, 40 thousand sold to foreigners reached the last year, the figure can go up to 50 thousand this year, he said.
On the second day of the fair, the tap Quotation Meeting in will be organized for the sale of real estate and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turyap, Mr. Azmi Sarıbay stated that the sale method is lower than the auction and auction.

After the payment of the real estate is approved, Sarıbay said that the title deed and delivery will be realized.

Sarıbay said that there have been some abuses in the purchases of real estate from abroad.
"In case of receiving those living abroad real estate from Turkey never We guarantee that deceived. Our real estate valuation solutions partner will do in an independent and impartial manner with EVA Real Estate Appraisal. If it turns out to be mistaken, we are committed to arranging all damages and ziya You. While land for foreigners in our legal and financial We will provide them with a clean title deed.
As of 4 March, EVA Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Cansel Turgut Yazıcı stated that the real estate valuation report is compulsory for the real estate sales transactions made for the citizens of foreign countries.
With the arrangement of high pricing and construction in the construction sector, indicating that the aim is to prevent informality Printer, without these reports that foreigners can not get real estate, deed, said the transaction will not be done.